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Key performance indicators
of the UES of Kazakhstan
  5 june 2023 from the beginning of the year
Total generation,
(mln kWh)
281.76 50 376.44
(mln kWh)
290.20 50 363.14
How to trade?

To participate in centralized spot auctions of electric energy in the «day ahead» mode, spot auctions of electric energy «during the operational day», in centralized auctions of electric energy for medium-term (week, month) and long-term (quarter, year) periods or in centralized auctions of electric power, your company needs to train employees work in the Electronic trading system of JSC «KOREM».

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Trades outputs
May 2022 2023
The day ahead spot-trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 18.000 11.420
min price, KZT/kW*h 18.000 0.000
Forwards trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 11.580 10.530
min price, KZT/kW*h 11.580 10.030
Trades volume (th. kW*h)
The day ahead spot-trades 5 760 20 923
Forwards trades 32 832 19 440
Trades calendar