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About the trade union


An independent, separate trade union organization of employees, the «KOREM» JSC Trade Union was registered with the justice authorities on December 9, 2016 under the name of the Public Association «Local Professional Union of Employees of the KOREM Joint Stock Company»

Public Association «Local Professional Union of Employees of the KOREM Joint Stock Company» (hereinafter – the Trade Union of JSC KOREM) – it is a local trade union and an independent voluntary public association with a fixed membership, in its activities it is independent of state authorities, employers and their associations, political organizations and other public associations, it is unaccountable and uncontrolled by them.

The trade union of JSC «KOREM» carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory legal acts and the Charter.

The main subject of activity of the Trade Union of JSC «KOREM» is the protection of labor, social, economic rights and interests of Trade Union members, membership organizations, promotion of social partnership.

The trade union pays special attention to the social sphere, health improvement and recreation of employees and their family members. The company's employees, who are members of the Trade Union, receive compensation for sanatorium treatment in health resorts in Kazakhstan, enjoy benefits when resting at the Training Center of Energoinform JSC, and also receive financial assistance if necessary.

In order to strengthen the corporate culture, increase the cohesion and loyalty of employees of JSC «KOREM», as well as improve the atmosphere in the workforce, cultural, sports and recreational events are organized and held for all employees of JSC «KOREM».

The KOREM trade union actively cooperates with the branch trade union organization of Kazakhstan and since March 27, 2017, the «KOREM» JSC Trade Union has joined the public association «Branch Professional Union of Employees of the Energy Engineering Industry» as a member organization.

The trade union organization is gradually being strengthened organizationally from month to month. To date, 30 people are members of the Trade Union, when the Trade Union was created, it counted 12 people in its ranks.

The problems and issues of trade union life are always understood and supported by the management of JSC «KOREM».

In addition to the main activity, the meeting of the members of the «KOREM» JSC Trade Union in June 2017 decided to engage in non-core educational activities, namely holding seminars and advanced training courses in the field of electric power. In January 2018, the first training seminar was held on the basis of the Training Center of the Trade Union of JSC «KOREM». All funds received from the educational activities of the Trade Union are directed to the statutory goals of the Trade Union, support of the social sphere of the company's employees.

Key performance indicators of the
UES of Kazakhstan
  15 august 2022 from the beginning of the year
Total generation,
(mln kWh)


69 167.97
(mln kWh)


69 001.36

Trades calendar

Trades outputs
July 2021 2022
The day ahead spot-trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 8.700 20.000
min price, KZT/kW*h 8.500 18.000
Forwards trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 11.000 11.320
min price, KZT/kW*h 1.460 8.670
Trades volume (th. kW*h)
The day ahead spot-trades 24 000 22 320
Forwards trades 34 272 6 888