Mid-term and long-term trades

The auction is held according to the schedule of JSC «KOREM». From 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., Nur-Sultan time. Price determination - continuous counter-bidding method
02:00 p.m.

Opening of trades

Submission of applications for the purchase of electric energy

Before the deadline for accepting purchase orders, participants can delete or change a previously submitted bid by submitting a new bid. After the end of the time for accepting purchase orders, participants can only change the price of a previously submitted order, and the volume of the order cannot be changed.

02:30 p.m.

Submission of applications for the sale of electric energy

During the trading session, transaction prices are determined and a list of "seller-buyer" pairs is formed»

03:00 p.m.

Blocking applications

Sending notifications about the outcome of the auction to participants of the auction

Trading results are visible to participants during the trading session. Based on the results of the auction, participants of the auction independently conclude a direct bilateral agreement. Participants do not have the right to change the price of electric energy or the period of delivery of electric energy in the contract.

Electric energy trading for medium and long-term periods is intended for concluding transactions between participants on a special electronic trading platform, using generally accepted exchange principles and modern Internet technologies.

Applications for participation in the auction are submitted using the Internet.

Тrades in electric energy for medium-term and long-term periods are conducted in accordance with the schedule of centralized trading of electric energy for medium-term (week, month) and long-term (quarter, year) periods approved by the operator of the centralized trading market, posted on the Company's website.

Based on the results of trading for the medium and long-term periods, transactions are made related to the mutual transfer of rights and obligations in respect of goods with a deferred delivery period (forward transactions for the physical supply of electric energy for a year, for a quarter, for a month, for a week).

Based on the auction results, the following are determined:

1. The price of purchase (sale) of electric energy for which transactions are concluded;
2. Volume of purchased (sold) electric energy;
3. List of "seller-buyer" pairs.

Participants who have implemented their purchase/sale requests receive a notification of the results of the auction and independently conclude bilateral contracts for the purchase and sale of electric energy.