How to conclude a contract for participation

Step-by-step guide to conclude a contract for participation in the centralized trade market

  1. The wholesale market member should send to the JSC KOREM a written statement of intent to conclude a contract according to the attached declaration letter form.
  2. Provide the following copies of legal documents:
  • The Charter;
  • Certificate of state registration of a legal entity;
  • Certificate of registration for the value-added tax;
  • Decision of the sole participant on appointment to the Head;
  • Order (power of attorney) for the Contract signatory;
  • License for the type of activity performed on wholesale market of electric energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan (only for power supply organizations);
  • Copy of the contract with the JSC KEGOC for transmission of electric energy (excluding energy producing organizations);
  • Copy of document (certificate) from the bank confirming the bank details.

In addition, if the actual Company address does not correspond to the details of the certificate of state registration of a legal entity, a certificate of confirmation of the actual Company address or permanent management body signed by the chief executive officer to be submitted.

Concerning conclusion of the contract for participation in the centralized electric energy trade market, please contact us by phone / fax:

Kenzhin Zhasulan 
Head of the Service Development and Customer Support Sector
Phone: + 7 (7172) 649-188

Rysdauletova Aigerim 
Leading Service Development Sector Manager
Phone: + 7 (7172) 649-189

Zhappas Anuar 
Leading Manager of the Market development sector
tel: +7 (7172) 649 194

 Sanitas Zeinur
Manager of the Service development sector
tel: +7 (7172) 649 204