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16 August, 2022
26 July, 2022

The trade union of JSC «KOREM» organized a festive event for children dedicated to the International Children's Day

According to the established tradition, the trade union of JSC «KOREM» held a children's drawings contest dedicated to the Children's Day and the Year of Children in Kazakhstan and organized a festive event for the children of employees of JSC «KOREM».


Drawings for participation in the competition were accepted from May 12 to May 31, 2022. Drawings of children from 3 to 14 years old on the following subjects and age categories of children were accepted for participation in the competition:


3-7 years old: My happy childhood

8-11 years old: Kazakhstan through the eyes of children;

12-14 years old: Creating the future of 2050.

8 drawings of children were submitted to the Trade Union Committee of JSC «KOREM».


The members of the Competition Commission, when considering the drawings, drew attention to the correspondence of the drawing to the theme of the competition, noted the creative approach of each child in drawing, the disclosure of the topic and the lack of adult help.


The members of the Competition Commission, having considered the drawings, taking into account the small number of participants in the competition, unanimously decided to award diplomas and incentive prizes to all children participating in the competition for active participation in the competition.

Children in the age category 3-7 years «My happy childhood»:


Alibekov Danial (3.5 years old),

Dosmailova Nuray (4 years old),

Kenjin Olzhas (6 years old),

Alibekov Imanali (6 years old ),

Geti in the age category of 8-11 years «Kazakhstan through the eyes of children»:

Akhmetova-Bapakhina Aida (8 years old),

Alesh aizer (9 years old),

Aysultan Sokulov (10 years old),

Ibrayev Dzhangirkhan (11 years old).

The awarding of the contest participants and the presentation of gifts to children took place at a festive event organized by the KOREM JSC Trade Union on June 4, 2022 in one of the family institutions of our city.

Chairman of the Board of JSC «KOREM» Rakhimov Kairat Bolatovich delivered a congratulatory speech at the event with the wishes of a wonderful, carefree childhood, peaceful sky, striving for knowledge and great success in life! Together with the Chairman of the Trade Union of JSC «KOREM» Esengazieva Aigul Kopeshevna, a solemn ceremony of awarding the participants of the children's drawing contest with diplomas, gifts and certificates was held. Gifts and certificates were also received by all the children of the company's employees

A real holiday was organized for children with animators and an ultra silver disco, in which parents could also participate.

Congratulations to all on the Children's Day holiday!

We wish everyone - both adults and children - good health, joy and good luck! Dear guys! May the upcoming summer holidays bring you many new and interesting events, vivid impressions and unforgettable meetings!

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