Basic information

Basic information about the Industrial Center of Technological Competencies in the field of electric power industry of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

 By order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Tokayev Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich regarding the need to create a Center of competencies, given at the meeting on the issues of the electric power industry on May 26, 2021, on the basis of paragraph 4.1 of the Minutes of the meeting chaired by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Sklyar R.V., № 17-5/05-2543 dated November 4, 2020 and in accordance with article 103 of the Entrepreneurial Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 29, 2015, the Industry Center for Technological Competencies (ICTC) in the field of electric power industry of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan was established on the basis of JSC "KOREM", according to the Order of the Minister No. 253 dated 02.08.2021.

 Main goals and tasks of the ICTC are:

1. assistance to the technological development of the electric power complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
2. implementation of the tasks set by the Ministry of energy of RK.
3. involvement in development processes:

  • leading domestic and foreign experts;
  • expert organizations;
  • international technology companies;
  • research organizations;
  • specialized Centers of competence that carry out activities in certain areas.

 The activities of the ICTC are designed to ensure:

1. Continuity of the state technological policy.
2. Accumulation, systematization and dissemination of information about the electric power industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan within the framework of the assigned tasks.
3. Implementation of measures aimed at promoting and / or developing science and technology.
4. Development and creation of new production facilities for goods and services for the electric power industry, necessary to improve the reliability, safety and quality of power supply to consumers, and also to reduce the cost of electricity.

 ICTC functions are:

1. participation in the development and organization of the implementation of innovation policy and coordination of electric power industry entities, consumers, scientific and educational organizations, domestic producers, investors and government agencies;
2. ensuring effective interaction of leading universities, research institutes, leading domestic enterprises of the electric power industry and state structures;
3. ensuring the coordination of policies in the field of intellectual property and innovation;
4. combining the efforts and resources of all stakeholders to promote industry technological development, transfer of the best available technologies, improve competencies, develop a strategic vision for innovative and scientific and technical development of the industry;
5. assistance to the personnel provision of the industry by determining the expected changes in the competencies of employees and the profession, participation in the development of standards and educational programs;
6. coordination of the work of specialized competence centers, a situational analytical center and international partners involved in project work in the energy sector;
7. informational and methodological support for the implementation of projects;
8. execution of the KPIs set by the ME RK and regular submission of reports on the measures taken to conduct the assessment.

A special website of the ICTC is under development. More detailed information will be posted later.