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24 January, 2024

Hello, dear colleagues!

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2 Photo

The next one accepts and continues the relay of meeting new employees Mukhamedyarova Aizhan.

Aizhan works as a manager of the services development sector of the Market Development Department of JSC «KOREM», started work on August 3, 2023. In 2008, she received an Engineering degree from the KazATU named after S.Seifullin in Astana.

From 2010-2013 she worked at JSC «Astana-REC», in subsequent years she went on maternity leave to care for children. Aizhan is a mother of three children. At the end of her maternity leave, she was looking for a job. She came to our company after she successfully passed the interview. Aizhan is glad that she joined JSC «KOREM» and expresses gratitude to all colleagues for the warm welcome, responsiveness and help in her work.

Hobbies can be not only a way to calm down and relax, but also a useful form of additional income. Our heroine has been conducting the transformational Yin-Yang game for the last two years. It fills with energy, and most importantly, helps customers change their mindset and get answers to their requests. Thanks to this hobby, Aizhan came to psychology, loves to read and learn something new.



Kamila Kalibekova!

(Administrative Department)