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19 January, 2024

Good afternoon, colleagues!

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Let's start the new year with an interesting story about Sabyr Akbilek in the section «Acquaintance with colleagues».


Our heroine joined the Company on August 1, 2023 in the Department of Analytics and Project Management. A week after moving to the capital, she saw an announcement that KOREM was looking for an employee in her specialty. Without hesitation, Akbilek decided to go for an interview and successfully passed it. The team warmly welcomed her, helps her in every possible way and supports her in everything. It was important for her that the environment in which she worked was favorable and she got into exactly such an environment.

As for hobbies, Akbilek is a comprehensive, inquisitive person. Before moving to the capital, she was engaged in book layout design, videography, running, and also loved to conquer the peaks of the mountains. She is a regular reader of books and created her own book club, where they gathered and analyzed books every week. Also at the book club, she helped the reader to introduce reading books into a daily habit.

Now she is focused on the development of her specialty, professionally.

"Every day has its own miracle (Paulo Coelho)", - Akbilek answers about the interesting situation of the company.



Kamila Kalibekova!

(Administrative Department)