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18 September, 2023

Good afternoon reader!

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The heroine of the next column «Acquaintance with colleagues» Shakir Aruzhan. She started working as a manager for the personnel work of the Administrative Department of JSC «KOREM» in early August 2023.

After graduating from the University of «SKU» in Shymkent, I wanted to try to work in a new environment, in a new city. In August last year, she moved to Astana, having successfully passed an interview at the employment center, she began working as a specialist in the Youth Practice program. In the course of her work, she was sending young specialists who had just graduated from higher educational institutions to various organizations, including KOREM.  Due to the reorganization of the employment center, she had to look for a new job, she was interviewed in many places, in the end, it turned out like a fairy tale:

«she chose JSC «KOREM», and JSC «KOREM» chose her»!

She tries to pass her free time by watching educational videos, movies, reading books, news on various topics: history, geography, space, travel, etc. thereby learning something new. Aruzhan also likes to study foreign languages, draw, go to various events and generally engage in active recreation.

For Aruzhan, working in our company is something new and interesting. She wishes our company success, prosperity and to become a significant part in the history of our country. She wishes her colleagues all the best in life, the realization of dreams, goals and plans!

With respect,
Isakanova Kamila
(Administrative Department)