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25 September, 2023

Good afternoon dear reader!

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We continue the heading «Acquaintance with colleagues». The heroine of today's publication, who recently joined our ranks, is Gulbakhyt Darzhigitova. Gulbakhyt got a job with us through a competition to fill a vacant position, according to the results of which she was enrolled in the personnel reserve of JSC «KOREM». On August 15, 2023, she took the position of manager in one of the important structural divisions of our company responsible for the development of the electric power industry markets.

According to Gulbakhyt, before her employment at KOREM JSC, she had only a general and theoretical understanding of the electric energy markets. Today, I am sure that the experience of working in our company will allow you to apply your knowledge in practice, which is valuable in the professional activity of any person. She is also very motivated by the fact that the accumulated knowledge can be applied and make some contribution to the development of the electric power industry of our country.

She likes to pass her free hours reading books, dancing and painting. In addition, not so long ago she joined the club of fans of intellectual games for those who like to tickle their brains «Mafia», where they learn to play professionally. Thanks to his quick learning, Gulbakhyt is already participating in international tournaments.

According to our heroine, she has never delved into work so quickly as in KOREM. Very quickly joined the team when working together with colleagues from the Department of balancing the EE market, where there were many tasks. Thanks to the cohesion and a very friendly atmosphere, everything went light, and we coped with all the issues together.

Gulbakhyt wishes all colleagues the realization and achievement of their tasks. And also, thanks for the open and warm welcome to the team!


With respect,
Isakanova Kamila
(Administrative Department)