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10 January, 2023

And again, hello!

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In the heading «Acquaintance with colleagues», today is our first publication in the new year 2023! And we will start it with an energetic young man - Sairan Suleimenov.

In our company, Sairan holds the position of an Expert in the Sector of Project Development and Digital Transformation of the Department of Analytics and Project Management.

He joined JSC «KOREM» in June 2022. He associates his choice with the fact that our company has a very large development potential, where, in turn, you can implement all your ideas. He got a job not so long ago, but he is already engaged in serious projects for the company, for example, the Digital Energy Platform.

Everyone has their favorite hobbies and certain interests. Sairan is a lover of winter sports, in his spare time he prefers to ski and skate. In addition, revealing his potential, he is engaged in photo and video shooting and is fond of 3D modeling of mechanical parts and large structures.

In 2022, the hero of our column took a direct part in the organization of the first national seminar on digitalization of the electric power industry, where topical topics were touched upon, the project «Digital Energy Platform» was presented, thereby tremendous work was done to increase the recognition of JSC «KOREM». It is worth noting that the topic of the seminar attracted the attention of more than 150 participants - representatives of energy enterprises.

From Sairan's wishes: "... I would like our company to have no difficulties in negotiating with foreign colleagues. Also, there is a proposal to increase the productivity of colleagues at work by installing a coffee machine in our office. Everyone knows that coffee breaks bring the team closer together!".


With respect,

Isakanova Kamila

(Administrative Department)