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16 November, 2022

Good afternoon reader, the hero of today's column «Acquaintance with colleagues» Alexander Ten

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Alexander got a job at «KOREM» JSC in August 2021 through the Youth Practice Employment Center.

Having worked until December of the same year, he was hired as a Chief Expert at the industry Center for technological Competencies in the field of electric power.

«My path in the energy efficiency sector, Alexander shares, began in 2008, where I started working as an engineer of the automated system of commercial electricity metering (ASKUE) in Karaganda. Since 2013, working in various organizations in Astana, I have successfully closed six projects in the field of modernization and optimization of engineering systems, as well as engaged in the implementation of energy-efficient solutions in buildings of national importance. Realizing the prospects for the active development of the industry (that industry 4.0 is already on the verge of implementation in our country) and the need to keep up with the times, I entered the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada (ranked in the Top 50 of the best universities in the world according to QS World University Rankings) and received a master's degree in the field of electric power and computer engineering.

Upon arrival back to my homeland, I got a job at «KOREM» JSC, where I apply my competencies in the electric power sector, share and exchange my accumulated experience and knowledge with colleagues. Working as a united and friendly team, we contribute to the development of the electric power industry in the country.

I want to wish my colleagues professional growth and treat everything with a positive attitude.»

Here is such an interesting and informative about our next colleague, we are publishing today in our section. We thank Alexander for the story and wishes.


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