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23 July, 2019
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Aliya Salimzhuarova, the representative of KAZAKH INVEST, shared about the investment preferences available to investors seeking to invest in Kazakhstan’s Renewable Energy sector during the first online webinar “Renewable Energy Projects In Kazakhstan”.

The online webinar was hosted by KAZAKH INVEST, the Ministry of Energy, Kazakhstan Electricity and Power Market Operator – KOREM, Financial Settlement Center of Renewable Energy, United Nations Development Programme - UNDP and USAID. Over 65 participants joined online discussion.

You can access the slides and recording here:

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Trades outputs
April 2019 2020
The day ahead spot-trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 10.106 6.700
min price, KZT/kW*h 4.800 5.000
Forwards trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 5.760 2.430
min price, KZT/kW*h 1.100 1.100
Trades volume (th. kW*h)
The day ahead spot-trades 38 094 34 571
Forwards trades 924 720 331 440