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19 September, 2019
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Results of September 19, 2019 auction for selection of WPP projects with 20 MW total installed capacity

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The auction was recognized to be succeeded.

Three companies were allowed to participate in the auction, during the trading session the participants submitted 22 applications, the unit capacity of projects was 4.99 from 10 MW. The total volume of applications submitted was 31.99 MW. Ceiling auction price during auctions for selection of WPP projects in 2019 ccomprised 22,66 KZT/kWh (without VAT).

During trading session, the applications price received from auction participants ranged from 21.5 to 22,66 KZT/kWh.

Following the results of auctions, the winners were determined as follows:

  • Arkalyk Wind Power Plant LLP project installed capacity 10 MW, auction price 21.5 KZT/kWh (without VAT); The project is planned to be located near the village of Novoishimskoye of Gabit Musrepov district of North-Kazakhstan region;
  • First Wind Power Station LLP project installed capacity 4.99 MW, auction price 21.61 KZT/kWh (without VAT); The project is planned to be located near Yereymentau city of Akmola region;
  • Arkalyk Wind Power Plant LLP project installed capacity 7 MW, auction price 21.69 KZT/kWh (without VAT); The project is planned to located near Novocherkassk village of Astrakhan district of Akmola region.

Representatives of the Ministry of energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Financial Settlement Center of RE LLP and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in the auction as observers. The observers noted the auction to be held in accordance with approved regulatory legal acts and confirmed the transparency of electronic trading system of the auction organizer – JSC KOREM.

The next auction is scheduled for 23.09.2019 on WPP 80 MW.

For reference:

According to the auction schedule, approved by the order No.97 of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan as of 19.03.2019, in 2019 it is planned to hold auctions in amount of 255 MW of installed capacity, broken down by types of power plants:

Solar Power Plants – 80 MW;

Wind Power Plants – 100 MW;

Hydroelectric Power Plants - 65 MW;

Bio Power Plants - 10 MW.

The JSC KOREM is determined to be the auctions organizer.

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April 2019 2020
The day ahead spot-trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 10.106 6.700
min price, KZT/kW*h 4.800 5.000
Forwards trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 5.760 2.430
min price, KZT/kW*h 1.100 1.100
Trades volume (th. kW*h)
The day ahead spot-trades 38 094 34 571
Forwards trades 924 720 331 440