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21 September, 2022

Attracting investors as one of the tasks of JSC «KOREM»

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            A meeting with representatives of the company «Ecoener» was held at JSC «KOREM». The company's corporate offices are located in La Coruna in Spain. Eco ener promotes a strategy in the field of hydropower and wind energy, having let in green bonds worth 130 million euros.

At the meeting, questions were raised about the rules and procedure for participation in auctions for the selection of renewable energy projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chairman of the Board of JSC «KOREM» K. Rakhimov noted that in Kazakhstan special attention is paid to the development of renewable energy sources. The main focus is on wind and hydroelectric power plants.

During the meeting, the rules and procedures of the upcoming auctions were explained in detail, KOREM experts gave exhaustive answers to all questions of the Ecoener company.

Following the meeting, the investor represented by Ecoener was invited to participate in the RES auction in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which should take place in the fourth quarter of this year.