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20 July, 2022
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The "daughter" of the Turkish company will build a power plant in Kyzylorda

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This was announced on July 13 by the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan

On July 13, an auction for the construction of a new power plant in Kyzylorda was held at the KOREM site. As part of the bidding, investors were selected for a project involving the construction of a combined-cycle gas plant with the output of thermal energy with an installed electric capacity of at least 240 MW.

"The auction bidding mechanism was introduced on behalf of the President of Kazakhstan in order to cover the shortage of regulating capacity in the Unified Electric Power System of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as to ensure reliable electricity supply to the population and business entities," the Ministry of Energy said.

Two participants were admitted to the auction. According to the results of the auction, the branch of Aksa Energy Uretim Anonymous Shirketi joint stock company in Almaty was declared the winner. As part of the auction, a reduction in the tariff for the service of maintaining the availability of electric power was achieved from 11,612,100 to 11,591,000 tenge per megawatt per month (excluding VAT).

The winner of the auction is obliged to ensure the completion of the construction of the power plant by 2025, as well as to comply with the requirements stipulated by the legislation in the field of electric power.

"In turn, the investor will be provided with a guaranteed return on investments in the amount of 240 MW of electric power by the LLP "Settlement and Financial Center for the Support of Renewable Energy Sources" for 15 years within the framework of the electric power market, as well as other support measures, including ensuring uninterrupted fuel supplies, the construction of an external gas and electric grid infrastructure," the Ministry of Energy reports.

 The Turkish company Aksa Energy was founded in 1997. In 1998, she commissioned the first biogas plant in Turkey in the city of Bursa. Later, she began operating power plants in the Turkish cities of Hakkari and Mardin. Aksa Energy has diversified its investments over time and has become one of Turkey's leading companies in the field of generating electricity from fuel oil, natural gas, wind generators and hydroelectric power plants in Turkey and abroad.