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14 October, 2022
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The development of renewable energy in Kazakhstan: the main problems and ways to solve it.

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A meeting on the development of renewable energy in Kazakhstan with the participation of Vice-Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhandos Nurmaganbetov was held at the site of the Renewable Energy Association «QazaqGreen».

Chairman of the Board of JSC «KOREM» Kairat Rakhimov made a report «RES development within the framework of the developed Concept of development of the electric power industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2035 - RES zones» The concept provides:

  • identification of the most promising sites with a large resource potential (wind, solar radiation);
  • construction of the necessary infrastructure; creation of «clear and transparent» rules of the game for potential investors;
  • competitive selection, through electronic auctions.

According to the instruction of the Head of State on achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, specific target indicators are provided for achieving 15% of the share of renewable energy by 2030, 50% by 2050, taking into account alternative energy sources.

To achieve the 2030 goal, it will require the commissioning of about 7 GW of new renewable energy capacity. Accordingly, the localization of production of renewable energy equipment and components in Kazakhstan is becoming an even more urgent issue.

Geographical zones with high potential of solar and wind resources were presented, as well as solutions to problematic issues of the development of renewable energy zones were proposed, reflecting the advantages and disadvantages of their adoption.

The participants of the meeting also discussed problematic issues of the operation of renewable energy facilities within the framework of a Single buyer and a balancing electricity market: key provisions of the amendments being worked out to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.