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11 October, 2022
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XVI Forum of the Union of Engineers and Power Engineers of Kazakhstan.

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The Union of Power Engineers of the Republic of Kazakhstan held the XVI Forum of the main power engineers of Kazakhstan in Almaty. The forum was held at the site of the Gumarbek Daukeev Almaty University of Energy and Communications.

The Forum was attended by managers and specialists of energy companies, research institutes, construction and industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan.

During the meeting, the forum participants discussed the following issues:

  • improving the efficiency of tariff policy for the development of the energy industry;
  • progress in the implementation of projects for the conversion of thermal power plants to gas fuel;
  • safety issues of nuclear power plants.

One of the main topics of the event was the consideration of the draft Concept for the development of the electric power industry until 2035. The Chairman of the Board of JSC «KOREM» K. Rakhimov spoke on this issue. The developer of this Concept is the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In his report, he noted that the draft Concept was developed according to the requirement of the order of the Minister of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 25, 2021. He also elaborated on each section of the draft Concept.

The forum respondents collectively supported the idea of transition to a Single buyer, as well as the centralization of the entire tariff and regulatory policy in the department of the Ministry of Energy.