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17 September, 2021
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Cylindrical solar module will provide street lighting

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Startup Fly Solartech Solutions has developed a cylindrical module for installation on street lamp posts, which will provide power to street lamps using sunlight.

The module is available in three versions with output powers of 100, 120 and 240 W. The most efficient one consists of 84 half monocrystalline solar cells with an efficiency of 23%. The overall efficiency of the 240-watt panel reaches 17.3%, and its temperature coefficient is -0.32%.

“The device is disassembled into two halves, which, when connected, embrace the post. Each half of the module includes two independent solar cell strings with individual junction boxes, ”said startup CEO David Zanatta.

This configuration allows several modules to be installed on one pole and connected to each other. This connection will achieve the greatest overall solar panel output through multichannel maximum power point tracking.

The module has a diameter of about 35 cm and is supplied complete with fasteners that allow it to be mounted on any pole with a diameter of 10–25 mm. The design of the system assumes an air gap between the support and the module, creating free cooling.

“The cylindrical shape of the model makes it resistant to strong winds, and the vertical positioning minimizes the accumulation of dust and dirt on its surface,” says David Zanatta.

Other advantages of the design include the ability to install on existing poles and minimal impact on the appearance of the environment. Fly Solartech offers an anti-reflective coating as an option for PV modules. It is necessary, for example, when placing devices on poles along highways. The device itself has a 10-year warranty and a 20-year warranty on performance.