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27 August, 2021
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Jinko decarbonizes India's auto industry

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The largest carport in Asia is powered by Jinko Solar panels .Jinko Solar's Cheetah series are installed in Asia's largest carport located in northern India. 

This is a one-of-a-kind flagship project with an installed capacity of 20 MW - the highest level of any awning in Asia. This remarkable feat was designed and implemented by Jinko Solar's customer, KEC International, at their customer's factory. Jinko's high-efficiency panels help reduce energy consumption and make it easier to charge electric vehicles under cover. The customer is the largest and renowned car manufacturer in India and a leader in the domestic market. The shed houses cars from different segments as they roll off the assembly line at this 600-acre mega-factory.

Jinko's 405W modules help the plant generate approximately 30 million kWh of green electricity locally, helping the car manufacturer offset some of its huge electricity needs with renewable energy and save grid consumption at higher industrial tariffs.

Jinko Solar remains the top choice for rooftop and C&I clients in India. Jinko modules are highly rated for performance, durability and aesthetics. Gener Miao, Marketing Director of Jinko Solar, highlighted the following: “We are proud and delighted that Jinko Solar has a role to play in these vehicles reaching Indian consumers through their most trusted and valuable automotive brand. Our products target more businesses and industries and help them move towards carbon neutrality while providing access to affordable, reliable energy. ”