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27 July, 2021
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CHP-3 will allow covering 6.5 million square meters of housing in Nur-Sultan with heat

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Akim of Nur-Sultan Altai Kulginov on his Instagram page spoke about the progress of the construction of CHPP-3.

“Combined heat and power plants are strategic objects that allow uninterrupted supply of heat, electricity and hot water supply to the city. Considering that the city is growing, it is necessary to increase the capacity of the CHP. Today I got acquainted with the construction of CHPP-3. At CHPP-3, the project was adjusted, construction and installation work was resumed, including at the hot-water boiler house. The launch of the facility is scheduled for the heating season 2022-2023. The capacity will be more than 420 gigacalories per hour. This will allow heat to cover 6.5 million square meters of housing, including social facilities, administrative buildings, etc. He instructed to carry out the work with high quality and increase the pace, ”the akim of the capital wrote.

According to him, thanks to the ongoing work on gasification of the city, construction of two gas boiler houses will also begin this year. Their capacity will almost double the capacity of CHPP-3. Boiler houses will provide heat primarily to those areas where a shortage is predicted. Work is also underway to modernize existing combined heat and power plants: at CHPP-1 and CHPP-2, four hot water boilers were converted to gas. By the end of the year, we will switch all other hot water boilers to gas. "

The ongoing work on combined heat and power plants and gas-fired boiler plants will allow both heat coverage of future development areas and a beneficial effect on the environment. These issues are under the control of the country's leadership, ”said Altai Kulginov.