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06 March, 2024

The Minister of Energy reported on the results of the department's work for 2023 and announced plans for the current year

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On March 5, 2024 the Minister of Energy of Republic of Kazakhstan Almassadam Satkaliyev during the board meeting, reported on the results of the department's work for 2023 and announced plans for the current year.

In his speech, the Minister noted that 112.8 billion kWh of electricity was generated in 2023 or 100% by the same period in 2022. RES energy generation amounted to 6.67 billion kWh, which is 31% higher than the level of 2022 (2022 – 5,1 billion kWh).

16 RES projects with a total capacity of 495.6 MW have been commissioned (12 WPP– 437,1 MW, 2 HPP – 3,7 MW, 2 SPP – 54,77 MW).

As part of the legislative reform in 2023 in the electric power industry a new model of the wholesale electricity market based on a Single buyer and a balancing market has been introduced.

According to the Minister, today there is a shortage in the EEC, mainly during peak consumption hours. The deficit is covered by the planned import of electricity from the energy systems of neighboring countries, carried out by a Single buyer of electric energy.

In order to ensure energy security and increase export potential the Ministry has adopted an action plan for the development of the electric power industry until 2035, in accordance with which it is envisaged to implement a number of projects to modernize existing ones, as well as to introduce new capacities for a total capacity of about 26 GW.

It was noted that in order to achieve a 15% share of RES by 2030 annual auctions for a total capacity of over 6 GW (2024 – 1,270 MW) will be provided, as well as the implementation of large-scale projects with strategic investors.

Almassadam Satkaliyev in his speech announced the commissioning of the «Digital Energy Platform» information system and the digitized 141 passports of energy facilities.

In the plans of the department for 2024, the minister noted:

- digitalization of accounting for all types of energy resources (EE, TE and gas supply) at the level of wholesale and retail consumers;

- certification of energy entities and facilities, development of a geoinformation system of the fuel and energy complex;

- implementation of the platform Energy Tech (transition to a single technology platform, integration of all existing IS);

- commissioning of 11 RES facilities with a total capacity of 259 MW;

- capital and extended current repairs at power facilities and power lines will be carried out according to the plan.

Major and extended maintenance of 10 power units, 55 power boilers and 45 turbines, as well as repair work on power transmission lines with a total length of 20.9 thousand km and repairs at 423 substations are planned for 2024.

The management of JSC «KOREM» also took part in the board meeting.

Foto: Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan