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07 November, 2023

Solar power plant opened in Karaganda region

The development of «green» energy continues in the Karaganda region. A new solar power plant with a capacity of 4.77 MW has opened in the Konyrat microdistrict of Balkhash.

This is the fourth station in the region, implemented by the Copper Company Konrad as part of an investment project, with reference to the Akimat of the Karaganda region. The opening ceremony was attended by Akim of Balkhash Sapar Satayev, Head of the Department of Ecology for the Karaganda region Darkhan Iszhanov, as well as Executive Director of Central Asia Metals PLC Nigel Robinson.

The station was built in eight months on an area of 10 hectares with the installation of 8850 solar panels. Technical Director of LLP «Copper Company Konrad» Vitaly Logachev stressed that a significant amount of work was carried out, including drilling more than 6 km of wells, installing 177 sets of metal structures weighing more than 200 tons and laying 64 km of wires and cables.

He also noted that the two-sided panels installed at the station allow the use of both direct sunlight and reflected from the ground, which increases the efficiency of use. The station will become an example for other regions striving for stable and sustainable energy. According to forecasts, the plant will cover almost 16-18% of the company's electricity needs. The right of trial launch was granted to Nigel Robinson.