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30 May, 2023

From July 1, Kazakhstan will launch a model of a single electricity buyer

This was announced during a briefing in the Central Communications Service by Vice Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan Zhandos Nurmaganbetov, the press service of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan reports.

The introduction of a model of centralized purchase and sale of electric energy is aimed at solving a number of current issues that require immediate settlement to ensure the energy security of the country and is aimed at reforming the electric power industry.

A single electricity buyer is being introduced taking into account the current situation in the industry, namely planned imbalances in the system, the projected shortage of electric energy, unequal competition conditions due to different tariffs of energy-producing organizations and plans for the construction of new generation sources, including RES. 

It is expected that the proposed model of a Single buyer - centralized purchase and sale of electric energy will allow:

- exclude speculative transactions in the purchase and sale of electricity;

- reduce unproductive intermediaries;

- to minimize deviations of interstate balances of electric energy flows at the border with adjacent power systems, by avoiding the formation of daily schedules based on the technical capabilities of power plants to the actual schedules of consumers;

- to ensure balancing of high tariffs of newly introduced generation sources, and prices of imported electricity during shortages and current tariffs of existing stations, as well as, in the future, to equalize electricity tariffs between regions.

The introduction of the Single Buyer model is planned from July 1, 2023,- Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhandos Nurmaganbetov summed up his speech.