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08 February, 2023

Draft concepts for the development of the fuel and energy complex and the electric power industry for 2023-2029 were considered at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Alikhan Smailov.

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As Energy Minister Bolat Akchulakov noted, within the framework of the development of the fuel and energy complex, steps are envisaged to increase the production of commercial gas (+25.5%) and the pace of gasification of the republic (up to 63.4% in 2029), increase the output of petrochemical products (6.6 times), coal mining (+3%) and reduce the energy intensity of the economy (up to 5%).

In terms of the electric power industry, it is planned to modernize a number of existing and introduce new generating capacities, which will give an additional 11.7 GW of energy, as well as increase the share of electricity from renewable sources in the total output to 12.5%, reduce the level of depreciation of power grids to 47% and complete the formation of a unified energy system of the republic

In the petrochemical industry, it is planned to launch large projects, including plants for the production of polyethylene (1,250 million tons per year), butadiene (319 thousand tons), polypropylene (80 thousand tons) and so on. At the same time, it is planned to increase the level of oil production by expanding production capacities at Tengiz, Kashagan and Karachaganak and developing new promising projects.

At the same time, measures are planned for further digitalization of the industry: automation of accounting for the turnover of oil, gas, petroleum products, generation and transmission of electricity; electronic issuance of technical conditions for connection; automation of tariff formation, etc.