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17 November, 2022
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Piloting the regional electricity market of Central Asia

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JSC «KOREM» together with representatives of the Ministry of Energy, JSC «Samruk-Energo», JSC «KEGOC» and the «Kazakhstan Association of Organizations of the Oil and Gas and Energy Complex «KAZENERGY» held a technical meeting with the World Bank.

            At the meeting, the parties discussed the following issues:

- the position of the national electric energy markets of the Central Asian countries;

- features of power systems, and the fact that they have a different structure of generation and power;

-  volume of electricity consumption;

- technical limitations on the transmission capacity of electric power transmission lines.

It was noted that there is a close mutual dependence in the use of water and energy resources of the Central Asian countries. International experience in interstate trade, advantages of electric energy trade between countries were also considered.  

            In order to provide technical assistance and promote capacity development in Central Asia, the World Bank proposed to organize a regional market in a pilot mode by developing cross-border trade. In this connection, the Concept of regional energy interconnection and trade in Central Asia and the organization of the regional market United Energy System of Central Asia in a pilot mode was presented.

The Concept was based on a day-ahead market model with a methodology for the CA regional market in a pilot mode. The proposed steps/actions for the Central Asian countries have been announced. Visions for further development of the electricity market and the regional electricity market of Central Asian countries are presented. 

The proposed pilot project is aimed at developing the Central Asian market and has a decentralized approach. Therefore, full harmonization should not be required for the CA regional market, countries should be able to support their national strategies.