Executive Board

Doronin Alexey Valerievich

Acting Chairman of the Board, Managing Director for Strategy and Business Support - Member of the Management Board

General information, education

Alexey Valerievich Doronin was born on April 16, 1973 in Almaty


1996  – K.I. Satpayev Kazakh National Research Technical University, specialty – Electrical Systems and Networks, electrical engineer

2013 – Lomonosov Moscow State University, specialty – Master of Business Administration



1991 – Technician of the Department of the branch automated control system of the Republican Information and Computing Center of the Kazakh Ministry of Health

1996-1997 – Software Engineer, «LIPTEKK» LLP at the Kazakh Research Institute of Energy

1997 – Engineer of the research sector, Almaty Institute of Energy and Communications

1997-1998 – Leading Specialist of the Tariff Methodology Department, JSC «KEGOC»

1998 – Leading specialist of the Department of analysis of production and economic activity, JSC «KEGOC»

1998-2001 –  Head of the Department of Analysis of production and economic Activity, JSC «KEGOC»

2001-2009 – Head of Development and Analysis Department of JSC «KOREM»

2009-2010 – Head of the Financial and Economic Department, Director of the Department of Exchange Trading and Marketing of JSC «KOREM»

2010-2013 – Director of the Financial and Economic Department  of JSC «KOREM»

2014-2021 – Managing Director for Economics and Finance  of JSC «KOREM»

2021-2022 – Managing Director for Strategy and Development  of JSC «KOREM»

Since July 11, 2022, he has been appointed Managing Director for Strategy and Ensuring the activities of JSC «Kazakhstan Electric Energy and Capacity Market Operator»

State awards, honorary titles and commemorative medals:

Honorary title «Honored Power Engineer of Kazakhstan» of the KEA