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Joint-Stock Company Kazakhstan electricity and power market operator

Mission, vision and functions

Mission, vision and functions

Mission of JSC KOREM

Implementation and expansion of mechanisms for the functioning of the centralized electricity trading market, providing high-quality services and tools to all its participants for the successful conduct of their business.

Vision of JSC KOREM

Customer-oriented company that provides customers with high-quality services for organizing and conducting electronic trading of electric energy and power, with a projected share in the wholesale market of electric energy - 10% and in the market of electric power - 100%.

Functions of JSC KOREM

In accordance with subparagraph 2 section 15 of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On electric power industry", the operator of the centralized electricity trading market is assigned the following functions:

  • organizing and conducting spot trades;
  • organization and conduct of centralized electricity trading for medium-term (week, month) and long-term (quarter, year) periods;
  • ensuring equal terms of access for subjects of the wholesale electric energy market to the market of centralized electric energy trade;
  • determination of compliance of subjects of the wholesale market of electric energy with the requirements defined by the rules of centralized auction for electric energy;
  • implementation of registration and accounting of concluded transactions on purchase and sale of electric energy at centralized auctions of electric energy;
  • providing, within the scope of its competence, subjects of the wholesale electricity market with information on indicative prices for electric energy formed at centralized auctions, and other market information.
Key performance indicators of the
UES of Kazakhstan
  15 august 2022 from the beginning of the year
Total generation,
(mln kWh)


69 167.97
(mln kWh)


69 001.36

Trades calendar

Trades outputs
July 2021 2022
The day ahead spot-trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 8.700 20.000
min price, KZT/kW*h 8.500 18.000
Forwards trades
max price, KZT/kW*h 11.000 11.320
min price, KZT/kW*h 1.460 8.670
Trades volume (th. kW*h)
The day ahead spot-trades 24 000 22 320
Forwards trades 34 272 6 888